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Rugged Living & Love of Outdoors Inspire this Indulgent Energy Bar

Enjoy this guest blog post about the inspiration behind BGood Bars, written by Katy Nesbitt. We are excited to include BGood’s Peanut Ginger Bar—a very special find—in January’s Trailfoody.

BGood Bars were born from a combination of practicality and indulgence – a healthy snack with delicious ingredients that fits easily in a pocket. This combination was designed by Judy Goodman – a woman who knows how to live well out of a backpack or in a cabin on a remote cattle ranch.

Judy says she grew up in Central Washington with a love of the outdoors and the opportunity to cook and garden with her mother and her grandmother.

BGood Bars
Making these rugged, yet indulgent energy bars.

“Living on a farm, they taught me how to improvise in the kitchen by substituting for things we didn’t have on hand.” My grandmother used to say, “You can always make something out of nothing.”

When she was 27 years old she was backpacking in the Wallowas and devised her first trail bar, primarily comprised of nuts, dried fruit, eggs, whole wheat and chocolate.

With 20 years as a fisheries biologist and 15 years living on a remote Idaho ranch where the best means of transportation for many months of the year was a snowmobile, Judy lived her grandmother’s mantra—maybe not making something out of nothing—but, a rugged lifestyle doesn’t have to mean “roughing it.”

Judy and her husband, Bob, left the Sawtooth Mountains and moved to the base of the Wallowas in Joseph, Oregon, where she was trained as a chocolatier by a retired fish biologist in a Main Street shop. There, she came up with recipes for a snack similar in taste to a fine chocolate truffle with the energy boost needed to finish the hike, bike or ski.

Now, Judy runs her own kitchen making fine, hand-crafted products on Joseph’s Main Street making BGood Bars from a special formula of the highest quality ingredients wrapped in recyclable packaging – energy bars for active people with a conscience.

When not making and shipping bars to customers around the U.S., Judy joins Bob on a ski out the back door of their log cabin with a BGood bar in each pocket and up to the top of Wallowa Lake’s east moraine. From the top of the ridgeline, they can take in the view of Chief Joseph Mountain and the lake in one direction and Idaho’s Seven Devils Range to the east – a perfect opportunity to enjoy a bar made with nuts and fruit and hand-dipped in the finest dark chocolate.

“Ultimately the best food choices are always those closest to their original forms in nature. BGood Bars are a sophisticated great tasting snack that is healthy enough for the athlete and outdoor enthusiast, or decadent enough to serve for dessert,” says Judy Goodman.

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  1. These bars are so tasty and healthy. All friends who have tasted the bars ask for more.

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