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Energy Bar Review: Big Spoon Roasters Apricot Pepita bar

energy bar review

As soon as you tear open Big Spoon Roasters’ Apricot Pepita bar, the aroma of the hand-roasted nut butter fills the air. The roasting concentrates the flavors, giving it complexity and body beyond that of other peanut butter flavors we’ve tasted. The bar itself is very soft, but with each bite, you notice the coarseness of the peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, and quinoa.

The best treats usually combine salty and sweet, and this is certainly the case here. The sea salt is perfectly balanced with the sweetness from wildflower honey and tiny bits of apricot.

This is a great bar to eat when you’re hungry because it satisfies in a way that sticks to your ribs. It can be a wonderful reward for reaching the summit of a difficult hike or climb. This bar packs 280 calories of energy.

Values Worth Supporting

We were equally impressed by the values kept by this company. Big Spoon Roasters is committed to only using the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources, often obtained locally. They use biodegradable packaging with non-toxic inks, and they give a percentage of profit to charities each year. That’s worth getting behind.

The Roots to the Flavor

Big Spoon Roasters’ Mark Overbay wrote a guest blog post for Trailfoody about how his company came about. In that post, you’ll read about how he learned to hand roast peanut butter when he volunteered in Zimbabwe for the Peace Corps. Check it out.

Here’s What Our Tasters Had to Say

“By the time we reached ridgeline, I was starving. This bar was a lifesaver—and a satisfying one at that.”

Grif Steele
Trail Grinder

“The hand-roasted, small-batch care put into this rich, nutty bar announces itself with every crunch. Roasty-toasty nuts meet sunny-sweet apricots. Loved it!”

Britt Foodlove
Cous Cous Magician

“As soon as I smelled that peanut butter, I was afraid they’d never let me have a taste.”

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