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What’s in June’s Trailfoody?

See what’s included in June’s Trailfoody, with a handful of this month’s items hailing from the Northwest! With approximately 1300 calories, this food kit will fuel any adventure.

Conundrum Trail Mix

Conundrum Trail Mix

From Portland, Oregon, The aptly named Conundrum teases your taste buds with waves of earthiness, sweetness, and savory, yet leaves you guessing the ingredients that create such an interesting flavor. Goes well with a hand-crafted beer, but we recommend saving it for the trail.

New Primal Jerky

New Primal Uncured Maple Bacon Sticks

Because everything tastes better with bacon. This pork-flavored beef stick is a superior alternative to the gas station peperoni stick, and the perfect amount of protein for outdoor activities. Plus, the pork is naturally raised, so it’s healthier, too.

Simple Squares energy bar

Simple Squares Choco Coco

We went cuckoo for these choco coco bars (try saying that fast 10 times). The coconut is subtle, but adds a wonderful creaminess to the chocolate. This bar just feels wholesome to eat, so you know it’s good quality fuel.

LivBar energy bar

LivBar Lemon Ginger Turmeric

Also from Oregon, this bar combines sweet, salty, and zing! This bar is feather light, made from organic superfoods, and comes in a compostable wrapper. It left us craving more.

KIND energy bar

Kind Pressed Mango Apple Chia

This bar had us at “mango.” Two servings of fruit in this little bar, which is the energy bar equivalent of a smoothie.

Kates energy bar

Kates Real Food Grizzly Bar

Also from the Northwest, from Idaho, this high-energy meal-in-a-bar can get you wherever you’re going. A wonderful peanut butter taste combines with dark chocolate and dried fruit. And, just as the name says, it’s made from real food.

Made in Nature coconut chips

Made in Nature Toasted Cinnamon Coconut Chips

Somehow the cinnamon coconut work a little magic together, making a tasty, energizing treat. These coconut chips are cut a little thicker, so they impart a more robust flavor.

Mamma Chia energy squeeze

Mamma Chia Blackberry Bliss Chia Squeeze

Perfect a quick burst of fruity energy, just open and squeeze. Organic blackberries are the star, along with some purple carrot juice and chia.

Mestrength electrolyte drink

MeStrength assorted performance hydration drink mix

This drink mix provides 5 electrolytes, and contains no sugars or calories. Flavors are all-natural, making it cleaner than many electrolyte drinks. Just add one stick to your water bottle and shake.

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  1. MeStrength is the only way to go. Hydrates like know other thing on the market. No sugar all natural. Can’t go without everyday. So yummy. And easy to transport. Fabulous

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