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The Secret Behind This Dried Fruit That’s Juicy

Fruit Bliss Organic Turkish Figs

Fruit Bliss makes dried fruit that is actually quite juicy. Fruit Bliss’ own Susan Leone writes this guest blog post about the secrets behind how they get their dried fruit to be so juicy.

What makes Fruit Bliss the perfect trailfood? Fruit Bliss’ deliciously juicy fruit doesn’t add any sulfites or other added preservatives, making it a great healthy, organic snack.

A Unique Process Brought to the U.S.

Fruit Bliss is a very unique snacking experience. We choose our organic whole fruits from the best orchards around the world – Agen plums from France and apricots and figs from Turkey, for example. All of our fruit is picked when it’s perfectly ripe, sun dried and then the magic happens. We say our fruit is “dried fruit reinvented” because all of our fruit gets a steam bath to make it super juicy again. The flavor, texture and taste are all enhanced by water infusion. Once the process is complete, you can bite into a juicy Fruit Bliss fig and almost taste the intense Aegean sunshine that helped to grow this luscious organic fruit.

Shelf Stable, But No Preservatives

Each pouch of Fruit Bliss is shelf stable, so you can take it on-the-go for any hiking, biking or canoeing trip without having to worry about refrigeration or the delicate nature of fresh fruit. We never use any preservatives or added sugar in any of our fruits such as potassium sorbate and sulfur dioxide (chemicals commonly used to preserve the shelf life and color of conventional dried fruit). All of our organic dried fruit oxidizes, or turns brown, since this is the natural color of dried fruit. It may not be as pretty, but it sure is a much healthier snacking experience!

Try This Great Trailfood Recipe

Fruit Bliss is also a great addition to many recipes. One of our favorites for hitting the trail is our Fruit Bliss Fig Bites. This is a simple mix of pureed Fruit Bliss Figs, any nut butter, coconut oil and flax seed. These crunchy and energy packed treats will keep you going on the trail from early morning until dusk.

Fruit Bliss is sure to be a great addition to your fanny pack of goodies when you hit the trail, wherever you are!

Fruit Bliss was founded by Susan Leone, a mom who wanted to bring this European idea of rehydrated fruit stateside. She believes that providing a simple, clean snacking experience is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit Bliss’ Organic Turkish Figs were selected to be in the July 2017 Trailfoody.

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