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Trailfood Review: The New Primal Uncured Bacon Stick

It’s time to bring home the bacon. Or take it out on the trail. Either way, The New Primal’s Uncured Maple Bacon Stick is a must have treat that’ll leave you wanting more. Trust us, we’re bacon experts.

Upon biting into this delectable stick, we instantly noticed its savory taste. The blend of maple syrup and sea salt combine well with just a hint of garlic and black pepper to create an all-natural taste that truly brings out the flavor of the pork.

What’s more, the chewy texture gives you a nice, soft bite that simply satisfies, and there’s 6 full grams of protein and only 100 calories per stick.

And speaking of all-natural, this bacon stick is made from naturally raised pork and is naturally sweetened. It contains no hormones or antibiotics and is certified gluten-free. Talk about healthy!

If you love bacon as much as we do, you’ve gotta try this stick.

The New Primal Uncured Bacon Stick was selected to be part of the June 2017 Trailfoody.

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