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This Trail Mix Will Make You Feel Good Inside

Play Hard Give Back trail mix

We really appreciated the vision of Play Hard Give Back, and asked them to write this guest blog post about how they do just that. However, it’s not just their creativity and commitment to helping others that we liked. We also loved their ginger-flavored Fuel and Flow mix and selected it to be part of the September Trailfoody.

Reinventing the Tried and True

Peanuts, raisins, almonds, something sweet, and maybe some cashews if you’re lucky. That’s the classic, tried-and-true trail mix that’s stood the test of time and become a favorite among adventure-seeking millennials. At Play Hard Give Back (PHGB), we took this tried-and-true favorite and reinvented it to create three mixes that have a hint of the past, yet are full of exciting new flavors, such as ginger in our Fuel and Flow mix, coffee beans in our Rise and Shine mix, and peanut butter cups in our KarmaKandy mix. Each one of our mixes has its own unique flavor profile thanks to the innovative minds of our founders who thought outside the box and took a chance on reinventing the classic snack that is trail mix.

Staying True to Our Name

While playing hockey in college, co-founder Spencer Brendel loved to play hard in every way, but was also fascinated with the idea of harnessing the social impact of athletes to do good and give back to those in need. After starting the company and working with athletes such as alpine skier Travis Ganong, Marco Sullivan, Lexi DuPont and Julian Carr, PHGB has stayed true to its roots using our current give back model.

Give Back

Recently we have partnered with No Kid Hungry to create a one for one model where for every bag of trail mix we sell we are able to donate one meal to a hungry child in the USA. Through this partnership, we have set the goal of donating 250,000 meals by the end of 2018.

Athlete Engagement

Partnering with Hope Sports, we take our athletes on two trips per year to Mexico, where we build two homes for those in need. While these trips are incredibly impactful to those who receive a new home, they are also a way for our athletes to step out of their athletic world and feel a sense of purpose through their work. To continue this feeling of purpose for our athletes back home, we will be creating a curriculum that will help them connect to their own community and continue the give back movement.

Keep Adventuring

Next time you head out on the trail, make sure to bring along your Trailfoody bag or head over to our website to grab some PHGB snacks to fuel your adventure and fund social change. You can use the promo code TRAILFOODY to receive 10% off your next order at

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