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Foods with Benefits

energy bars by BOSS

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Seeing food as an ally may be a new concept, but B.O.S.S. Food Company is pioneering the idea of functional-meets-flavor in the energy bar category. B.O.S.S. founder Andrea Spirov writes this guest blog post about how this smart concept came about.

What can this do for me? Aside from filling you up or feeding an emotional need, food isn’t often thought of as a doer. In my world, however, pretty much everything I eat has purpose. I’ve learned that what you put in your body makes a huge difference to your overall health, and in my case, changing my diet and lifestyle had incredible transformative benefits.

I had never thought of myself as a person with health problems. After a year of non-stop traveling, however, my feelings of wellness deteriorated quickly.

Part of my mission was to get pregnant. I cleaned up everything about my diet and lifestyle. While doctors were telling me that I would need IVF or donor eggs, I was convinced that my problem was all the bad (for me) food I was eating.

You know what? I was right.

A change to the type of vitamins I was taking alone gave me immediate improvements. I became obsessed, reading everything I could about genetics and nutrigenomics.


Ingredients with a Mission

As I researched ingredients and began thinking more and more about my own food experiences, I developed my own idea that could be a business all on its own. I played around in the kitchen for an entire summer and, true to my ethos of clean eating, came up with a few different food bars.

But instead of creating the recipes by what tasted good, I pulled the ingredients together based on their beneficial properties. And guess what? The things nature made to do certain things usually taste really good together!

What do I mean by beneficial?

Superfoods Pack a Big Punch

Everyone’s talking about superfoods these days. And for good reason. A superfood is one that is extra nutrient dense. You are getting not only a filling and tasty morsel, but also a food with a large concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a small package.

energy bar with ingredientsIn our bars, every ingredient is a superfood. I also sought out the superfoods that provide the maximum amount of these nutrients, even if that meant that our bars were going to cost a little more. Today, we use ingredients you won’t find in any other bar.

Free of Refined Sugar

And our ingredients are completely refined sugar free…meaning that they have natural fruit sugar, but no sugared fruit. We don’t buy any fruit that is “apple juice infused” or “organic cane sugar sweetened.” We also don’t use sub-par sweeteners like brown rice syrup or agave nectar. Everything is designed to be low glycemic, tasty and to give you a benefit. Otherwise, there is no reason for it to be in there.

A Bar Designed to Help You MOVE

aronia berries on bushTake the ingredients in our MOVE bar, for example. MOVE contains organic Aronia berries, which have the highest antioxidant levels of any berries out there. They have been studied for helping with post-workout inflammation. The Macadamia nuts in MOVE have a good ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, and the hemp seeds are an awesome plant-based source of protein that contain all nine of the essential amino acids.

Each of our bars pulls together ingredients with known and studied beneficial properties such as these, so each one has its own little nutritional focus. That’s how the names came about – bars designed for your day, to help you MOVE, THINK, SMILE, RESTORE and DAZZLE.

B.O.S.S.’s MOVE bar was featured in the November 2017 Trailfoody.

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