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This Savory Snack Mix Will Give You the Zest You’re Looking For

Sheffa snack mix
Zesty with a crunch, Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix is the perfect treat for those looking for something a little different to munch on during their next adventure.

Once you give it a bite, you’ll instantly notice this mix’s delightful crunch and crispy texture. It’s the kind of combination that’ll leave a nice tingle on your tongue, prompting you to try some more!

The texture results from a combination of crispy chickpea noodles, toasted sunflower seeds, and roasted corn, which all work together to give you a different and pleasing taste.

Speaking of taste, the savory goodness that this mix offers is bound to please.

The natural flavor of the roasted corn and chickpea noodles combines with the perfectly seasoned sunflower seeds to give a zesty aftertaste that’ll make you feel like you’re hiking through the Grand Canyon.

This is the kind of flavor that only natural, real food could give you, and that’s exactly what it is.

Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix contains 210 calories, 20g of carbs, 3g of dietary fiber, 8g of protein, and absolutely no trans fat. It’s also entirely vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. That’s how we like it.

The Sheffa Promise

At Sheffa, they believe that a quality diet should center on eating a range of natural and healthy foods including vegetables, fruits, grains, and vegetarian proteins like legumes, nuts, and seeds. When eaten whole and in a variety, these superfoods work to give our bodies the nutrients that they need.

Thus, their mission is to bring you foods with an abundance of delicious, authentic flavor as well as vital energy, and their zesty snack mix does just that.

That’s why we chose Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix to be a part of the November 2017 Trailfoody.

Here’s what our tasters had to say:

“With that kind of crunch, I could hike everyday for a month. It’s that addicting! No snack mix texture can compare!”

Grif Steele
Climbing and Crunching Expert

“Talk about savory, this mix has the perfect blend of natural flavor and zesty aftertaste. I just can’t get enough!”

Britt Foodlove
Savory Snack Specialist

“Yeah, I still got nothin’…”

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