For These Moments

The sun painting the canyon wall crimson red. The sound of the riffles as the stream rambles by. The stillness of the powder when you’re the first to break trail. The feeling of crisp air cleansing your lungs after you dug deep to reach treeline.

These are the moments that recharge us all, and our purpose is to make it easier for you to have more of them.

Food That Matches the Adventure

Having trailfood ready to go, you get out the door faster and get to the trailhead sooner. Wouldn’t you rather be there already instead of futzing around for food?

Trailfood has to get you to those special places, sure. But, we also believe that taste is part of the adventure. Each month, we select premium foods that are healthy, have the right nutrient mix for outdoor activities, and also have great taste.

So, get out there – and take us with you!