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Energy Bar Review: Probar Meal Superberry & Greens

Probar Superberry & Greens energy bar

With a whopping 360 calories, this “meal” bar lives up to its name. Just tear open the wrapper and enjoy this nutty, fruity bar for a fast, convenient way to refuel your engine.

Nutritionally, this ProBar has 50g of carbohydrates (WOW!) to quickly give you the energy you need for strenuous, outdoor activity, and it will keep your motor humming for sure. Plus, it has 8g of protein to help repair muscles.

Fruity and Nutty

We love the taste, too. Its sweetness comes from a medley of fruits, with notes of raisins, dates, blueberries and pineapple being the most prominent fruity flavors. Combined with that is the satisfying richness of cashew butter and sunflower seeds.

And the texture of the bar is soft and chewy—a plus.

ProBar Superberry & Greens energy barHealthy, Too

The real bonus here is the healthy greens and fiber. These ingredients read like they came from a must-have list of items you might find in the healthy aisle at the health food store:  spinach, broccoli, carrot, green tea, rose hips, maca root, spirulina (a superfood full of anitoxidants and vitamins), and alfalfa. On top of that, this bar is filled with both pre- and pro-biotics to keep your digestive system working at its best.

It’s also vegan and gluten-free.

The ProBar Superberry & Greens Meal bar was featured in the July 2017 Trailfoody.

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Trailfood Review: Vega Chocolate Caramel Protein+ Snack Bar

Rich, chewy, and undeniably sweet. That’s what came to mind upon biting into Vega’s Chocolate Caramel Protein+ Snack Bar. The dark chocolate and caramel flavors blend together perfectly to create a bar that’s worth saving for dessert.

But don’t let the sweetness fool you, this bar is packed with nutrition. Containing 11 grams of protein, a mix of veggies and greens, vitamins, 4 grams of fiber, and only 200 calories, we couldn’t believe we were eating something so deliciously rich!

And what’s more, this bar is made entirely with real plant-based food ingredients. It’s also vegan, non-GMO, and completely gluten free.

However, when it comes down to it, the chewy goodness is what’s really important, right?

Well, this bar seems to melt into your mouth with every bite. The dark chocolate gives a softer, more refined texture while the almonds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds create a subtle chew that’s entirely satisfying.

Trust us, you’re gonna have to try it!

Vega’s Chocolate Caramel Protein+ Snack Bar is featured in the July 2017 Trailfoody.

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Trailfood Review: Mediterra Black Olives & Walnuts Bar

Mediterra Black Olive Walnut bar

Hailing from Greece, Mediterra’s Telemaque Lavidas was inspired by his memories of unique, delicious, and healthy Mediterranean meals shared with family and friends to blend the traditional Mediterranean diet with modern-day, nutritional energy bars.

The result? Savory snacks that give you the gourmet taste of the Mediterranean and the nutrition necessary for the nonstop pace of modern life.

Chewy, delectable, and undeniably savory, the Mediterra bar featuring black olives and walnuts that we tried was different from other energy bars.

The combination of extra virgin olive oil, green pepper, pea crisps, sea salt, and chives provided a chewy yet crispy texture while the black olives and walnuts combined to create a refined, nutty flavor that was uniquely Mediterranean. Blended together, these ingredients equated to a balanced meal, making it perfect for a day’s adventure.

While each of Mediterra’s bars are all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten free, this particular bar came packed with 5 grams of protein and another 5 grams of fiber, providing an excellent source of sustained energy.

This bar is a no-brainer, especially if you’re looking for something different that’s savory instead of sweet. Because of this, it’s the perfect bar for a midday lunch break.

Mediterra’s Black Olives & Walnuts bar is featured in the July 2017 Trailfoody.

“Since it’s a savory bar, it was perfect for my halfway-there lunch break. It was such a refreshing change from the usually sweet energy bars.”

Grif Steele
World Champion Car Rack Loader

“Befitting this month’s Mediterrnean themed Trailfoody, I love how the walnuts and olives impart a satisfying, salty earthiness. It pairs well with the Turkish figs.”

Britt Foodlove
Goat Cheese Goader

“I saw the people tear open the wrapper, but it was gone before I knew it.”

Stand Up Doggie Paddler

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Top 5 Essential Foods for Any Outdoor Adventure

Everyone knows that a day’s journey out in the wild requires the proper sustenance to keep you on the move, but many often wonder which food items, exactly, are essential to have on hand.

While choosing the right food is key, it’s also important to have a variety of snack items that can be eaten separately in small amounts to provide you with a constant flow of energy.

So, we’ve put together a list of the top five must-have food items that will work best to fuel your next adventure!

KIND energy bar

1. Energy Bars – Energy bars contain the complex carbs necessary for quick bursts of energy. They work to keep you going and are perfect for recharging your body. When eaten within 30 minutes of finishing a day’s physical activity, these complex carbs even work to restore the energy necessary for the following day’s adventure.

Conundrum Trail Mix

2. Nut Mixes/Trail Mixes – Nut and trail mixes are full of dense energy that usually provide both a little fat and protein, which combine to provide long term, endurance energy.

3. Jerky – Jerky primarily provides protein, which works to repair and build muscle tissue. Since protein is largely for muscle repair, only a small percentage of calories from this source is necessary.

Mestrength electrolyte drink

4. Electrolyte Hydration Mixes – Electrolyte hydration mixes work to replenish the electrical energy necessary for many bodily functions, including muscle contractions. They largely prevent cramping and are meant to optimize performance.

5. Dried Fruit – Dried fruits are high in fiber and contain a significant amount of calories per serving. The fiber works to help your digestive system run smoothly while the calories provide a natural source of quick energy for those who need it.

Having the right variety of trailfoods can mean the difference between feeling energized and drained.

Trailfoody makes it easy to fuel up with the right food for adventures. It’s the 93-octane gas your uncle Jim insisted on putting into his Outback, only, this fuel has some serious foody flare.

Learn more about how you can sign up for Trailfoody and get new trailfoods shipped to your door each month, in a stuff sack, ready to go–making it a cinch to get out there and explore.

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Energy Bar Review: Simple Squares Cho-Coco

Simple Squares Cho-Coco energy bar

Chewy, mildly sweet, and smooth. That was our first impression of Simple Squares’ Cho-Coco energy bar. The coconut and chocolate work a little magic together, much like chords on a piano, to create a brand-new flavor with bright sweetness and subtle creaminess that you have to try to “get.”

The texture is an unusual combination of chewy and crunchy, which we like. You take a bite, and it’s soft, then the chopped cashews and almonds add satisfying little bits of crunch.

“Simple Squares makes good on their promise to keep it simple with only five ingredients—just whole, natural ingredients.”

Simple Squares makes good on their promise to keep it simple with only five ingredients. There’s no refined sugar, no corn syrup, and no preservatives—just whole, natural ingredients. And, with 230 calories, this bar has plenty of spunk to get you to the top of the ridge.

We’re cuckoo for this Cho-Coco bar.

The Simple Squares Cho-Coco bar was selected to be part of the June 2017 Trailfoody.

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Energy Bar Review: Evo Hemp Mango Macadamia

Energy Bar Evo Hemp Mango Macadamia

If you want to be instantly transported to Hawaii, give this bar a try. Mango and macadamia are the stars of the show. The mango provides its fresh, juicy sweetness, and the macadamia and hemp hearts combine to impart a wonderful mild, nutty flavor. It even has a touch of coconut. Take a bite, and feel the warm breeze of the tropics dancing across your face.

The Evo Hemp Mango Macadamia bar is a great one to eat right before a steep climb, because it will give you a quick jolt of energy.

“A quick jolt of energy. Greater mental and physical focus. And, a yummy flavor reminiscent of the tropics.”

There are additional health benefits to boot. This bar contains yerba mate, a plant primarily found in South America that can stimulate mental focus and energy. It’s also made from raw ingredients, without heat, to maximize the living enzymes. This helps with digestion and nutrient uptake.

And, for those of you who were wondering, the hemp plant is not the same as the marijuana plant. In fact, hemp has the opposite effect on the brain and actually stimulates brain function and health due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids.

A quick jolt of energy. Greater mental and physical focus. And, a yummy flavor reminiscent of the tropics. Sounds like a win to us!

The Evo Hemp Mango Macadamia bar was featured in the May 2017 Trailfoody.

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Energy Bar Review: Big Spoon Roasters Apricot Pepita bar

energy bar review

As soon as you tear open Big Spoon Roasters’ Apricot Pepita bar, the aroma of the hand-roasted nut butter fills the air. The roasting concentrates the flavors, giving it complexity and body beyond that of other peanut butter flavors we’ve tasted. The bar itself is very soft, but with each bite, you notice the coarseness of the peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, and quinoa.

The best treats usually combine salty and sweet, and this is certainly the case here. The sea salt is perfectly balanced with the sweetness from wildflower honey and tiny bits of apricot.

This is a great bar to eat when you’re hungry because it satisfies in a way that sticks to your ribs. It can be a wonderful reward for reaching the summit of a difficult hike or climb. This bar packs 280 calories of energy.

Values Worth Supporting

We were equally impressed by the values kept by this company. Big Spoon Roasters is committed to only using the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources, often obtained locally. They use biodegradable packaging with non-toxic inks, and they give a percentage of profit to charities each year. That’s worth getting behind.

The Roots to the Flavor

Big Spoon Roasters’ Mark Overbay wrote a guest blog post for Trailfoody about how his company came about. In that post, you’ll read about how he learned to hand roast peanut butter when he volunteered in Zimbabwe for the Peace Corps. Check it out.

Here’s What Our Tasters Had to Say

“By the time we reached ridgeline, I was starving. This bar was a lifesaver—and a satisfying one at that.”

Grif Steele
Trail Grinder

“The hand-roasted, small-batch care put into this rich, nutty bar announces itself with every crunch. Roasty-toasty nuts meet sunny-sweet apricots. Loved it!”

Britt Foodlove
Cous Cous Magician

“As soon as I smelled that peanut butter, I was afraid they’d never let me have a taste.”

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