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Here’s A Snack That Truly Gives a Good Pop

Popcorn lovers beware, this snack is seriously addicting.

With a crunch that truly satisfies, you’ll never want to stop munching on HalfpopsAged White Cheddar Popcorn.

The small kernels are perfectly crunchy and nut-like in texture, making them a favorite for those who like to hear what they’re eating.

Flavor wise, this popcorn truly does just that: POP. An instant burst of cheddary goodness accompanies that delightful crunch, and you’ll soon find yourself finishing off the whole packet.

The cheddar seasoning, which is comprised of organic buttermilk and cheddar cheese, combines well with the added sea salt to give a classic cheddar popcorn taste. It’s almost like eating cheddar flavored popcorn at the movie theater, but this stuff is way healthier and far easier to take on a hike!

That being said, Halfpops are great for outdoor adventures because they’re small and nut-like, which means that they never get smashed! You can always count on eating fresh kernels that haven’t been flattened.

Even better, though, Halfpops are entirely non-GMO, gluten free, and contain no artificial flavors! They provide 130 calories, 18g of carbs, 2g of dietary fiber, and 3g of protein, making them a healthy little snack that’ll have you fooled.

Why? Because they really do taste like movie theater popcorn; that’s why we love ‘em.

Halfpops’s Aged White Cheddar Popcorn was selected to be a part of the November 2017 Trailfoody.

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Here’s Why This Beef & Pork Toob is Totally Righteous

Righteous Felon jerky beef stick

Are you a fan of beef or pork? How ‘bout both?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you have to give Righteous Felon’s O.G. Hickory Beef & Pork Toob a try.

Trust us, this delectable toob will have your mouth watering in no time.

Righteous Felon’s one ounce all-natural toob features classic smoky and savory flavors with just the right hint of garlic, onion, cracked pepper, and sea salt. While there’s no spice to it, the hickory taste still gives you just the right amount of warmth and flavor.

You can clearly tell that it’s been smoked to absolute perfection.

Texture wise, this toob is comprised of 60% beef and 40% pork, giving it an unadulterated tenderness and a good ‘ole fashioned snap that’ll leave you satisfied.

What’s more, the O.G. Hickory Toob uses nothing but all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives or coloring and features 8g of protein per serving, 1g of sugar, and 100 calories. This makes it the ultimate healthy and portable snack.

But that’s not all. The all-natural black angus beef is sourced exclusively from Maryland’s Roseda All-Natural Black Angus Farm and the pork is sourced from an all-natural hog farm in Iowa that raises their animals completely free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

So you can believe that this beef and pork toob is seriously good for you.

The Righteous Manifesto

Righteous Felon is committed to bringing you the highest quality meats and jerky possible. Their recipes are bold and unique, and they use only the highest standard of ingredients and pasture-raised beef from a single source that is dry-aged for a full 21 days before ‘jerkification.’

All of their top-quality, hormone and antibiotic free jerkies are handmade and produced in small quantities to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency for the ultimate tasting experience, and that’s why we really like them.

Righteous Felon’s O.G. Hickory Beef & Pork Toob was selected to be a part of the November 2017 Trailfoody.

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Defend Against Dehydration on Your Winter Adventures

Drip Drop, the maker of an oral rehydration system that’s been shown to be as effective as an IV, writes this guest blog post about winter dehydration and what you can do about it. Drip Drop’s Berry hydration mix was featured in the November 2017 Trailfoody.

As you trade tank tops for fleeces, one outdoor accessory you need to keep handy is your water bottle. This is very much a year-round essential. It may seem that with the sweaty, humid days of summer behind us, we can relax on the hydration front. Not true.

In fact, winter weather creates its own conditions for dehydration.

Problem #1 – You don’t feel as thirsty in winter. Some studies put it at 40% less thirsty. Why? Cold weather affects your body chemistry. The body pulls its fluids from extremities (hence chilly fingers and toes) to your core. This is a good thing when it comes to keeping your vital organs warm. But leads to increased urine output. And that, friends, leads to dehydration.

Problem #2 – We tend not to notice our sweat in cold weather. Sounds like a plus, but in fact, it can cause us to underestimate how much fluid we’re losing. Dry air means sweat evaporates quickly. More clothing means we often sweat more.

Problem #3 –  We’re exhaling precious hydrating fluids with every breath. When you can see your breath in cold weather, you’re actually seeing water vapor evaporating before your eyes.

The upshot? This winter…

  • Don’t rely on your body to tell you it’s thirsty. Be proactive.
  • Dress in layers, so you can peel them off as you warm up. This will avoid excess sweating.
  • The golden rule of dehydration applies year-round: avoid alcohol and caffeine. As diuretics, they increase urine flow and sap our bodies of essential fluids.
  • The most obvious and important thing to do is HYDRATE.

How DripDrop can help.

DripDrop is an oral rehydration solution in powder form that’s mixed with water. Compared to sports drinks, DripDrop hydrates longer, absorbs faster and contains half the sugar. In fact, DripDrop is as effective as an IV*.  As you head outdoors this winter, pack right by including DripDrop’s electrolyte powder sticks. They taste great, they’re easily packable and most importantly, they work.

DripDrop’s berry flavored powder stick is part of the November 2017 Trailfoody.

*2003 clinical study shows no difference in efficacy between ORS and IV

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Energy Bar Review: BGood’s Peanut Ginger

BGood bar

They say that good things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true of BGood’s Peanut Ginger energy bar.

BGood calls it an “artisan chocolate energy bar,” foreshadowing the creative medley of flavors that is more fitting of a chocolatier’s fine truffle rather than an energy bar.

First, there’s a wave of bitter-sweetness from the dark chocolate, which coats the bottom of the bar, thus hitting your palate first. It seems to be a higher quality chocolate than we normally see–it’s Guittard fair trade Dark Chocolate–and, it has a nice firm texture to it.

10% Discount on These Bars from BGood

Order from, and use coupon code GOOUTSIDE for 10% off at checkout.

There’s a wholesome and satisfying feel to the nut butter filling, starring the organic peanuts, but also includes cashews, gluten-free rolled oats, honey, and organic flax seed meal. While small in size, you can really feel this bar sticking to your ribs.

Without being overpowering, the organic ginger elevates the complexity of the flavor with a fresh little zing. The sesame seeds on top are also a nice touch. It adds to the presentation, reinforcing the artisan nature of this bar, plus it imparts a nice texture.

This tiny bar surprisingly packs 240 calories, perfect if you’re focused on calorie-dense foods.

This bar has been a favorite of Trailfoody customers, which is why we’ve included it again, this time in the November Trailfoody.

Here’s What Our Tasters Had to Say

“I like to save this treat for when I reach the summit. The amount of energy packed into this compact bar amazed me.”

Grif Steele
Glissade Racer

“It’s like a piece of art. First, the dark chocolate liquor. Then, the peanut butter and a dash of honey combine, ending with a subtle zing of ginger.”

Britt Foodlove
Cheesecake Whisperer

“Britt dropped some on the ground, but Grif beat me to it.”

Iditarod Fan

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This Savory Snack Mix Will Give You the Zest You’re Looking For

Sheffa snack mix
Zesty with a crunch, Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix is the perfect treat for those looking for something a little different to munch on during their next adventure.

Once you give it a bite, you’ll instantly notice this mix’s delightful crunch and crispy texture. It’s the kind of combination that’ll leave a nice tingle on your tongue, prompting you to try some more!

The texture results from a combination of crispy chickpea noodles, toasted sunflower seeds, and roasted corn, which all work together to give you a different and pleasing taste.

Speaking of taste, the savory goodness that this mix offers is bound to please.

The natural flavor of the roasted corn and chickpea noodles combines with the perfectly seasoned sunflower seeds to give a zesty aftertaste that’ll make you feel like you’re hiking through the Grand Canyon.

This is the kind of flavor that only natural, real food could give you, and that’s exactly what it is.

Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix contains 210 calories, 20g of carbs, 3g of dietary fiber, 8g of protein, and absolutely no trans fat. It’s also entirely vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. That’s how we like it.

The Sheffa Promise

At Sheffa, they believe that a quality diet should center on eating a range of natural and healthy foods including vegetables, fruits, grains, and vegetarian proteins like legumes, nuts, and seeds. When eaten whole and in a variety, these superfoods work to give our bodies the nutrients that they need.

Thus, their mission is to bring you foods with an abundance of delicious, authentic flavor as well as vital energy, and their zesty snack mix does just that.

That’s why we chose Sheffa’s Zesty Snack Mix to be a part of the November 2017 Trailfoody.

Here’s what our tasters had to say:

“With that kind of crunch, I could hike everyday for a month. It’s that addicting! No snack mix texture can compare!”

Grif Steele
Climbing and Crunching Expert

“Talk about savory, this mix has the perfect blend of natural flavor and zesty aftertaste. I just can’t get enough!”

Britt Foodlove
Savory Snack Specialist

“Yeah, I still got nothin’…”

Just Wants a Nibble

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The Adventurous Vegetarian – How to Get all Your Macros in the Outdoors

Nicholas Napier from Bhu Foods writes this guest blog post filled with great advice for trail-hungry vegetarians. Bhu’s vegan Apple Chunk Cinnamon Nutmeg protein bar is featured in the November Trailfoody. 

Hiking is a phenomenal way to safely enjoy the outdoors. But if you’re hiking for more than a couple of hours, then how you’re going to sustain yourself becomes a major concern. Obviously bringing your best water bottle is vital, but what about the carbs, protein, and fats that provide the energy you need to make it home? Explore how vegetarians handle this dilemma and how a plant-based diet can keep you well-fed, even during an adventure in the outdoors.

Macronutrients – A Brief Overview

Put simply, macronutrients are the three main groups of nutrients that the body needs to function. Often referred to as macros, these three categories are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Luckily, the foods of a plant-based diet supply all of these crucial macros and there are even a lot of options you can take into the outdoors.

Examples of Vegetarian Foods with Each Macronutrient

To help you understand how each macro benefits you as a vegetarian, some excellent examples of plant-based foods that provide plenty of protein, carbs, and fat are detailed below.

Vegetarian Protein Sources
Soy products such as tempeh and tofu provide high levels of protein. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of protein as well, as are certain veggies. For example, peas have 8g of protein per cup, and pea protein is often used in vegan energy bars and protein powders.

Vegetarian Fat Sources
Since vegetarians don’t ingest meat, there is virtually no saturated fat on a plant-based diet – which is good. But it’s still necessary to get the essential fats, and for that purpose, avocado, beans, lentils, coconut, flax seeds, and walnuts are all excellent choices.

Vegetarian Carb Sources
Many of the most popular fruits and veggies on the vegetarian diet are packed with carbohydrates, especially starchy ones like potatoes. While bread is packed with carbs, fruits like bananas and pears and veggies like sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts offer more nutritious advantages.  

Concerns for Packing for the Outdoors

While there are a wide range of food choices for accomplishing whatever you want on a vegetarian diet, venturing into the outdoors comes with it’s own set of concerns.

Starting with the most obvious, you’ll have to carry whatever food you bring with you, so maybe that bag of giant coconuts isn’t a great plan for your hiking trip.

Portability and freshness are also factors in choosing the foods you bring on your hiking trip. While some foods like apples and oranges, are easy to throw in your bag and eat whenever you’re ready, foods that are more high-maintenance should be left in your pantry.

Finally, you’re going to want foods that don’t just claim to have a high nutrient content, but actually have the nutrients to sustain you for a grueling hike. This means being mindful that the packaged bars and snacks you bring aren’t just loaded with sugar. Sugar will make you crash hard, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re hiking in the outdoors.

List of Smart Vegetarian Choices to Bring on a Hike

With your hike planned and backpack sitting on the kitchen counter, empty and open, what exactly will you put in there? Remembering the importance of portable, nutritious foods that are low in sugar will make your packing experience easier. Here’s a list of some excellent choices:

  • Any type of nuts due to excellent protein and portability
  • Apples due to their carbs and fiber.
  • Bananas are great to bring because they’re loaded with carbs and potassium.
  • Seeds like pumpkin or sunflower are excellent options with high protein content
  • Small tupperware containers with your favorite berries can be a great snack
  • Baby carrots are excellent – they’re durable and scrub your teeth with each bite
  • Sweet potatoes are a superfood with tons of benefits – consider preparing one
  • Low sugar protein bars, protein cookies, and packaged snacks can work well.

Conquering the Outdoors as a Fully-Prepared Vegetarian

Now that your bag is packed with foods that will provide the energy you need for your hike, there’s no stopping you. Getting macros on a plant-based diet is easy and it can even be done during a day-long hiking trip – it’s just a matter of knowing which foods pack the most nutrients. Whether you leave with your favorite packaged bars or with several of your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, embark on your journey with confidence that your vegetarian diet will keep you energized.

Helping Vegetarians Thrive in ANY Environment

Whether on a hike or while cooking for a date night, there is a perfect food for every occasion. By constantly improving your palette and experimenting with different plant-based cuisine, you can be prepared for whatever opportunity comes your way. Value based companies like Bhu Foods and Trailfoody do more than provide a valuable product or service for vegetarians – They promote kind treatment for all life forms and encourage clean, healthy eating. 

Trailfoody offers vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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Foods with Benefits

energy bars by BOSS

Photo Credit:  Dominique Lemaitre

Seeing food as an ally may be a new concept, but B.O.S.S. Food Company is pioneering the idea of functional-meets-flavor in the energy bar category. B.O.S.S. founder Andrea Spirov writes this guest blog post about how this smart concept came about.

What can this do for me? Aside from filling you up or feeding an emotional need, food isn’t often thought of as a doer. In my world, however, pretty much everything I eat has purpose. I’ve learned that what you put in your body makes a huge difference to your overall health, and in my case, changing my diet and lifestyle had incredible transformative benefits.

I had never thought of myself as a person with health problems. After a year of non-stop traveling, however, my feelings of wellness deteriorated quickly.

Part of my mission was to get pregnant. I cleaned up everything about my diet and lifestyle. While doctors were telling me that I would need IVF or donor eggs, I was convinced that my problem was all the bad (for me) food I was eating.

You know what? I was right.

A change to the type of vitamins I was taking alone gave me immediate improvements. I became obsessed, reading everything I could about genetics and nutrigenomics.


Ingredients with a Mission

As I researched ingredients and began thinking more and more about my own food experiences, I developed my own idea that could be a business all on its own. I played around in the kitchen for an entire summer and, true to my ethos of clean eating, came up with a few different food bars.

But instead of creating the recipes by what tasted good, I pulled the ingredients together based on their beneficial properties. And guess what? The things nature made to do certain things usually taste really good together!

What do I mean by beneficial?

Superfoods Pack a Big Punch

Everyone’s talking about superfoods these days. And for good reason. A superfood is one that is extra nutrient dense. You are getting not only a filling and tasty morsel, but also a food with a large concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a small package.

energy bar with ingredientsIn our bars, every ingredient is a superfood. I also sought out the superfoods that provide the maximum amount of these nutrients, even if that meant that our bars were going to cost a little more. Today, we use ingredients you won’t find in any other bar.

Free of Refined Sugar

And our ingredients are completely refined sugar free…meaning that they have natural fruit sugar, but no sugared fruit. We don’t buy any fruit that is “apple juice infused” or “organic cane sugar sweetened.” We also don’t use sub-par sweeteners like brown rice syrup or agave nectar. Everything is designed to be low glycemic, tasty and to give you a benefit. Otherwise, there is no reason for it to be in there.

A Bar Designed to Help You MOVE

aronia berries on bushTake the ingredients in our MOVE bar, for example. MOVE contains organic Aronia berries, which have the highest antioxidant levels of any berries out there. They have been studied for helping with post-workout inflammation. The Macadamia nuts in MOVE have a good ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, and the hemp seeds are an awesome plant-based source of protein that contain all nine of the essential amino acids.

Each of our bars pulls together ingredients with known and studied beneficial properties such as these, so each one has its own little nutritional focus. That’s how the names came about – bars designed for your day, to help you MOVE, THINK, SMILE, RESTORE and DAZZLE.

B.O.S.S.’s MOVE bar was featured in the November 2017 Trailfoody.

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Here’s Why This Snack is Gorilly Good

We’re going bananas for Gorilly Goods’ Jungle Fruit and Nut mix, and the gorillas are too!

That’s because 2% of Gorilly Goods’ proceeds go to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, which is dedicated to protecting and studying gorillas while helping local communities thrive and build their conservation capabilities.

How awesome is that?

Upon biting into this nutrient dense mix, you’ll immediately notice a strong pop of banana that’s completely refreshing as well as a delightfully crunchy texture.

Thanks to the organic bananas, cashews, pecans, walnuts, and sea salt, this blend creates a perfectly natural and earthy flavor that goes hand in hand with the texture.

While somewhat earthy, the added organic coconut, coconut nectar, and raisins work to give a very subtle sweetness that’s just right.

Mixed together, all of these ingredients give a unique flavor that’s unlike anything we’ve ever tasted.

And, of course, Gorilly Goods’ Jungle mix is insanely good for you. It contains 130 calories, 11g of carbs, 2g of dietary fiber, 6g of total sugar, and 2g of protein. It’s also completely organic, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and raw.

What’s more, all of Gorilly Goods’ products feature only organic raw fruit, nuts, and seeds, making all of their snacks equally as nutritious and healthy.

Clearly, they’re dedicated to making the world a better place for both humans and gorillas, and we really like that.

Gorilly Goods’ Jungle Fruit and Nut mix is part of the October 2017 Trailfoody.

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Kate’s Real Food: Here’s How This Bite Sized Snack Will Keep You Going

A bite sized snack with big taste, Kate’s Tram Bites are perfect for every kind of adventure. Whether it’s an hour jog down the street or a day’s hike up the mountain, these “Bites” are suitable for it all.

Born on the ski slopes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Kate’s Tram Bites are healthy, organic, and energy packed. That’s because they’re made from real food; the kind of food that’ll keep you out on the trail for longer!

So how do they taste?

Simply put, these bite sized squares are addicting. They’re crunchy, chewy, chocolaty, sweet, and salty!

We love the combination of organic peanut butter and milk chocolate, which work hand in hand to give a sweetness that only these real ingredients can provide.

Added to that, though, the organic honey, dried apricots, and raisins truly enhance the flavor, while the organic sunflower seeds and sea salt work together to give a slightly salty taste.

With all of these ingredients combined, you’re left with just the right balance between sweet and salty.

The flavor truly stays on the tongue, making you crave more! We couldn’t help but open another pack right after we finished the first!

Kate’s Tram Bites are naturally good for you too. Per a serving size of 4 bites, they contain 120 calories, 16g of total carbs, 2g of dietary fiber, 3g of protein, and 9g of sugar. They’re completely non-GMO and certified organic.

Kate’s Tram Bites were selected to be a part of the October 2017 Trailfoody.

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This Energy Bar Will Satisfy Those Chocolate Cravings

Delightfully chewy, Bearded Brothers’ Mega Maca Chocolate energy bar is the perfect treat for those who love having some chocolate in their lives.

And yeah, we know, who doesn’t?

But it isn’t too sweet, and that’s why we like it. Unlike most energy bars that contain chocolate, this bar’s sweetness is subdued thanks to the added maca powder and sea salt.

And while it isn’t overpowering, the organic Mexican cocoa, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut sugar all combine to provide just the right amount of sweet to keep those cravings in check.

But that’s not all. The dates, almonds, cashews, and chia seeds add an extra nutty and almost earthy flavor to the mix that we love. It makes you feel like you’re biting into something truly healthy, but it still has that slight sweetness to it.

Texture wise, the dates, nuts, and chia seeds add an extremely subtle crunch to the chewiness, but you really have to pay attention to notice it. We can’t help loving that extra detail.

Nutritionally, this energy bar doesn’t disappoint. Containing 180 calories, 22g of carbs, 4g of fiber, and 5g of protein, it’ll give you the burst of energy you’ll need to push that extra mile! Oh, and it’s entirely vegan, gluten and soy free, low glycemic, USDA organic, paleo, and non-GMO.

How awesome is that?

Bearded Connections

Bearded Brothers proudly partners with Boneshaker, an organization based in Austin, Texas whose purpose is “To inspire kids toward daily physical activity, and encourage them to lead others to pursue healthier lifestyles.”

This partnership clearly shows that Bearded Brothers is committed to ensuring healthy lifestyles for everyone, and we think that’s incredible.

Bearded Brothers’ Mega Maca Chocolate energy bar was selected to be a part of the October 2017 Trailfoody.