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Top 5 Essential Foods for Any Outdoor Adventure

Everyone knows that a day’s journey out in the wild requires the proper sustenance to keep you on the move, but many often wonder which food items, exactly, are essential to have on hand.

While choosing the right food is key, it’s also important to have a variety of snack items that can be eaten separately in small amounts to provide you with a constant flow of energy.

So, we’ve put together a list of the top five must-have food items that will work best to fuel your next adventure!

KIND energy bar

1. Energy Bars – Energy bars contain the complex carbs necessary for quick bursts of energy. They work to keep you going and are perfect for recharging your body. When eaten within 30 minutes of finishing a day’s physical activity, these complex carbs even work to restore the energy necessary for the following day’s adventure.

Conundrum Trail Mix

2. Nut Mixes/Trail Mixes – Nut and trail mixes are full of dense energy that usually provide both a little fat and protein, which combine to provide long term, endurance energy.

3. Jerky – Jerky primarily provides protein, which works to repair and build muscle tissue. Since protein is largely for muscle repair, only a small percentage of calories from this source is necessary.

Mestrength electrolyte drink

4. Electrolyte Hydration Mixes – Electrolyte hydration mixes work to replenish the electrical energy necessary for many bodily functions, including muscle contractions. They largely prevent cramping and are meant to optimize performance.

5. Dried Fruit – Dried fruits are high in fiber and contain a significant amount of calories per serving. The fiber works to help your digestive system run smoothly while the calories provide a natural source of quick energy for those who need it.

Having the right variety of trailfoods can mean the difference between feeling energized and drained.

Trailfoody makes it easy to fuel up with the right food for adventures. It’s the 93-octane gas your uncle Jim insisted on putting into his Outback, only, this fuel has some serious foody flare.

Learn more about how you can sign up for Trailfoody and get new trailfoods shipped to your door each month, in a stuff sack, ready to go–making it a cinch to get out there and explore.

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What’s in June’s Trailfoody?

See what’s included in June’s Trailfoody, with a handful of this month’s items hailing from the Northwest! With approximately 1300 calories, this food kit will fuel any adventure.

Conundrum Trail Mix

Conundrum Trail Mix

From Portland, Oregon, The aptly named Conundrum teases your taste buds with waves of earthiness, sweetness, and savory, yet leaves you guessing the ingredients that create such an interesting flavor. Goes well with a hand-crafted beer, but we recommend saving it for the trail.

New Primal Jerky

New Primal Uncured Maple Bacon Sticks

Because everything tastes better with bacon. This pork-flavored beef stick is a superior alternative to the gas station peperoni stick, and the perfect amount of protein for outdoor activities. Plus, the pork is naturally raised, so it’s healthier, too.

Simple Squares energy bar

Simple Squares Choco Coco

We went cuckoo for these choco coco bars (try saying that fast 10 times). The coconut is subtle, but adds a wonderful creaminess to the chocolate. This bar just feels wholesome to eat, so you know it’s good quality fuel.

LivBar energy bar

LivBar Lemon Ginger Turmeric

Also from Oregon, this bar combines sweet, salty, and zing! This bar is feather light, made from organic superfoods, and comes in a compostable wrapper. It left us craving more.

KIND energy bar

Kind Pressed Mango Apple Chia

This bar had us at “mango.” Two servings of fruit in this little bar, which is the energy bar equivalent of a smoothie.

Kates energy bar

Kates Real Food Grizzly Bar

Also from the Northwest, from Idaho, this high-energy meal-in-a-bar can get you wherever you’re going. A wonderful peanut butter taste combines with dark chocolate and dried fruit. And, just as the name says, it’s made from real food.

Made in Nature coconut chips

Made in Nature Toasted Cinnamon Coconut Chips

Somehow the cinnamon coconut work a little magic together, making a tasty, energizing treat. These coconut chips are cut a little thicker, so they impart a more robust flavor.

Mamma Chia energy squeeze

Mamma Chia Blackberry Bliss Chia Squeeze

Perfect a quick burst of fruity energy, just open and squeeze. Organic blackberries are the star, along with some purple carrot juice and chia.

Mestrength electrolyte drink

MeStrength assorted performance hydration drink mix

This drink mix provides 5 electrolytes, and contains no sugars or calories. Flavors are all-natural, making it cleaner than many electrolyte drinks. Just add one stick to your water bottle and shake.

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What’s in May’s Trailfoody

Take a peek at what’s included in this month’s Trailfoody! With over 1384 calories, this food kit will fuel any adventure. Retail value is over $25 (not including the stuff sack!).

  • Naked Cow Honey beef jerky—Robust in flavor, with hints of smoky, sweet and a touch of spice, this jerky hits the spot. Oh, and it’s grass fed, with no added sugar, MSG, nitrates or any of that “udder stuff.”
  • Back to Basics Crispy Wheat crackers—Thin and crispy, and finished with sea salt, these crackers contain no artificial preservatives or flavors.
  • Artisana raw cashew nut butter—This nut butter is very smoooooth and creamy with just a hint of natural sweetness.
  • Evo Hemp Mango Macademia bar—Mango and macademia: you’ll think you’re in Hawaii. The hemp hearts give a subtle nutty flavor. Plus, they provide a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, so it’s good for you, too.
  • Curate Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bar—The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is hard to beat. This sweet treat has a nice crunch.
  • Big Spoon Roasters Apricot Pepita bar—As soon as you tear open this bar, the aroma of the hand-roasted nut butter announces itself. The pumpkin seeds add dimension and the apricot gives just the right amount of sweetness. Read this fascinating story about inspired the taste behind their nut butters.
  • Speedie B’s Almond Cherry bar—Smooth and sweet, the combination of almond and cherry join forces in this hand-crafted bar that will hit the spot. Bonus: the resealable packaging is great for nibblers—it keeps the pocket lint out!
  • Nature Addicts Apple Raspberry Fruit Sticks—Made from 100% real fruit, these soft, chewy fruit sticks are naturally sweet. Great for when you need a quick jolt of energy.
  • Stur organic Lemon Ice Tea drink mix—Hydrate well with this organic ice tea drink mix. Sweetened with a mix of organic cane sugar and stevia so it doesn’t have that artificial sweetener taste.