Get Out There

Be adventure ready with trailfood delivered monthly.

Get Out There

with trailfood delivered monthly.

Trail-tuned, Taste-tested Food Kits for Day Adventures

Premium trailfood that outdoors people love: dried fruit, jerky, trail mix, energy bars, and more

Get the Good Stuff

You try the latest premium trailfood, and it’s different every month. It’s an adventure for your mouth.

Grab and Go

Head straight to the trailhead and skip the food stop. You’ll be ready to set out on a whim or when the weather’s perfect.

Customize It

First, choose your level based on how much time you spend outdoors. Then, choose between regular, gluten-free, or vegetarian.

Meet the Tasters

Grif Steele

Completed AT in 4:49
He’s summited each of North America’s fourteeners (on a mountain bike). He catches steelhead with his bare hands. There’s a climbing knot named after him. Also, he likes to eat.

Britt Foodlove

Secret Sauce Secret Keeper
A self-described home gourmet chef, even Britt’s chicken doesn’t taste like chicken. She’s travelled the world in search of unique flavors, and she knows how to pronounce bouillabaisse.


Stand Up Doggie Paddler
Always “volunteering” to be a taster, Gracie stays alert for anything that drops to the ground. She loves the outdoors. Once she dons the pack, she’s on a mission to get the job done.

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